SMART and Happy Clients

Our SMART and Happy Clients have the following to say about our services

They have this to say about Smart Talk Social and Language Skills Development Program:

“People always say that he is speaking very clearly for his age.” Shansta

“"Our son Ryan has been working with Del and Kidz Smart Start for a little over a year now. He has made tremendous progress in that time. We truly appreciate how Del takes the time to really understand his environment and how that affects every aspect of his learning and behavior. We completely trust her to come up with the right approach to teaching Ryan and helping him to reach his full potential. I would highly recommend Kidz Smart Start and Del to anyone who is in need of speech or behavioral therapy. Her kind and thoughtful approach has not only truly benefited our son but our whole family as well." Stephanie

“He is talking so much and is enjoying speaking with everyone. Everyone in the family is so surprised.The Smart team knowing what to do was key to him being so successful in all of his development.” Nasari

“Thank you so much. We needed the team to help us with knowing what to say during school meetings. We were at a loss but his mom and I are feeling much more confident.” Muhammad

They have this to say about our Professional Training:

“We have thoroughly appreciated the staff training. I have received feedback from the teachers that have applied the strategies that were suggested and they report that they are really pleased with the improvement both in their classroom management and the positive changes that it has had with their students. When will you come back for more training? We welcome all that you have to provide and look forward to the wonderful support that you provide the staff and parents.” Teacher Training

They have this to say about Smart Parent Support and Smart Easy Steps:

“This is very helpful. I will share with family back home so that they are prepared for Amy.” Lynn

“V helpful.” DinaHe is playing with his sister and cousins a lot more. You have really made a difference in his pre-language skills.” Josalin

“Smart Parents and Smart Kidz is our goal.”