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Professional Services starting at $55usd.

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Online Consultation

To get you started. We will answer your questions and give you the help you need to move on to the next educational phase. We specialize in helping with children that need that extra help in all areas. Do they have trouble with attending, transitioning,

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Skills Development Assessment

For ages to 4 years. Pre-language and pre-learning skills assessed to make a plan for success before your child reaches school age.

We assess your child’s development across environments in critical developmental and preparatory areas such as Tabletop tolerance, Joint Attention, Concentration, Transition, Object permanence and exploration Cooperation, Use of Speech, Language Comprehension, Self Awareness, Social/Pragmatic and more. We provide you with the tools you need to be knowledgeable and play a vital role in your young ones development. $450/up per hr.

Smart Family Education Plan Assessment 

For ages 5 years and older. Academics, Comprehension, Real world problem solving, Reading, Concept comprehension, and more. 

We assess your child’s academic competence and help you by developing a plan that supports learning through the years. Giving you curriculum development information routine updates and help you get in the drivers seat and stay out front and knowledgeable regarding your child’’s education at every age. $450/up oer hr.

Skills Development Assessment (scheduled according to location)

Education Assessment (coming soon online)

Parent/Caregiver training (online)

English Lessons (online)

Grammar & Test Preparation (online)

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Online services conducted via Skype, FB Messenger, Botim, WhatsApp. We do our best to be flexible with our service delivery.

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Our SMART Parents and Caregivers

Our SMART Parents and Caregivers