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Test Preparation

Emily Downes has taught Academic writing, general English and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) in a high school, developing CLIL Art History and Public Speaking syllabi. She has worked with clients of all backgrounds and ages written and coordinated Elementary short-course for visiting students from Brazil and spent 18 months training ESOL teachers in Prague.


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Proofreading and editing academic publications and upper-level theses from undergraduate through doctoral level.


English Grammar

Receive professional guidance so that you understand how to set the structural grammar rules that govern the composition of words, phrases, sentences that make up comprehensive text. Learn the foundation and structure building tools that lead you to be a master of using and structuring your English language writing so that you get better grades in your primary secondary and university level classes.

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Test preparation for english language proficiency

Want to be better prepared for Taking an English test or exam? Well look no further. can be a great way to see what level your English is at. There are different kinds of exams though and they are all suitable for slightly different purposes. Some are listed here:


TOEIC is the test of English for communication and it’s usually used for business.

OPI and OPIC tests for spoken English fluency. Often used in business.

PET - the lowest level and proves that you have enough English to communicate and talk about simple things