SMART Parent Consultation

Designed to put you in the driver’s seat of your child’s education. Consultations will listen to your questions and concerns, build a plan and recommend services that will address your needs. No need to pay for services that will not serve your purpose.

Have any additional information handy such as school reports, assessment, etc. Click the link below, connect with us and schedule the services that work.

SMART Parent/Caregiver Support Training (teachers, nannies, caregivers)

Individualized Training Support for every plan

Training is designed with your individual needs in mind. Our training is designed to help everyone become a well prepared participant in your child’s plan. When children need support to reach their developmental milestones everyone in the child’s life should be made aware and trained on what to do to maximize their interaction. Many times their are small adjustments that can make a world of difference when you receive the guidance of a professional. This will help support your child And encourage them to catch up to their peers. Parents, caregivers, shadow teachers spend many hours with your child and we can teach you howl to maximize this time.

Classes are offered: 6 sessions or 12 sessions. (Based on need determined during your consultation)

Book your consultation today and learn how everyone can become active part of your child’s developmental team. Training will ensure that progress is constant and continuous.

Our online training and support is convenient and highly effective.

Our online training and support is convenient and highly effective.