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Family Focused & Culturally Sensitive

We care about your family’s education goals

Take control of your
child's learning and educational future. 

Smart Education Innovation Consulting Team 

  • Provide expert educational and skills development services to support individual’s overall development.

  • Foster learning environments that help parents and professionals

  • Promote increased social competence, emotional, personal and academic development.

  • Target critical areas that negatively affect learning and replace them with tools for success

  • Developing and implement services that strengthen skill sets.

Our Services

Communication/Speech & Language


Emotional Intelligence

Curriculum Support & Strategic Planning for Education

Parent & Caregiver Easy Steps

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Our Practice

We creatively develop SMART education plans that are age appropriate, target specific skills, provide continuous assessment objectives and grow with your child to ensure success at every developmental level.

We take the stress out of planning. Our clients can tell you how it has worked for them.


A Top 10 Service

These are some testimonials of parents who have seen improvements in their children with the just our short time working with them.

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