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Smart Education Innovation Consulting Team engages in providing expert educational services to support children’s overall development. Areas of services and support are to help parents and professionals in providing a learning environment that promotes a child’s increased social competence, emotional, personal and academic development. We target critical areas that negatively affect children’s learning and replace them with tools for success by developing and implementing services that strengthen their individual needs.

Our mission is to empower children and families by providing family focused, culturally sensitive individualized services.  We focus on meeting not only your early learning needs but also greatly and effectively support school age to higher education needs. A well focused and goal oriented Smart Skills Development Plan or Smart Family Education Plan ensures your children’s chances of succeeding in the classroom, home and community. Contact us today and we can give you the support you need while you provide for your child’s education.



Our Services

Communication/Speech & Language - Fluency, listening, understanding, talking, and written are some needed communication skills. The foundational skill that affects social, emotional and academic skills. Our language/communication program ensures that this is a clear basis of all of our plans.

Social/Pragmatic - It is often referred to as “social language skills.” Understanding and using verbal and non-verbal communication skills is a key component for development.

Emotional Intelligence - To build relationships with others and the capacity to handle and express emotions. From Early Years to Adulthood self awareness and self regulation is essential.

Curriculum Support & Strategic Planning for Education- School age children and parents many times need support and guidance regarding assistance with the decisions that will form learning. When determining education goals, parents must begin to plan regularly as their child goes from preschool through high school. We look at potential challenges and help with planning especially for children with specific needs. Understanding expected milestones and monitoring your child’s progress is a part of our Family Education Plan.

Professional & Caregiver Training- Training for educators, parents, caregivers to improve their knowledge, competence, skills, and effectiveness. You will be well versed in: Curriculum & Instruction, Classroom Management, Project based learning, Inclusion, and more. Parents and caregivers will gain knowledge on handling some of their toughest issues, promoting development in all areas, creating language learning environment at home, and more.

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Programs for Skills and Educational Development

Kids Smart Start (Birth-4 years)

Smart Primary (KG-5th grade)

Smart Secondary (6th grade – 12th grade)

Smart Leaders (Professionals, Parents, Caregivers)

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We creatively develop SMART education plans that are age appropriate, target specific skills, provide continuous assessment objectives and grow with your child to ensure success at every developmental level.


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